Why toll manufacturing?

There are many good reasons to consider toll manufacturing:

  • You suffered damage (e.g. a fire) which temporarily stopped your production, entirely or partially
  • You have product development and sales, but no production capabilities of your own
  • You have a new product but no suitable production facilities
  • You intend to close a production facility, but not to discontinue the product
  • It is not profitable to manufacture secondary products or "C-articles" yourself
  • Your production capacity varies seasonally and you need additional capacity during the high season
  • You are moving your production facilities and need a competent toll manufacturing partner for the transition period
  • You cannot meet the conditions of the authorities for your planned production
  • You intend to work with solvents but do not have explosion-protected equipment in your production facilitiy
  • Due to your high solvent consumption, you will not be able to meet the future requirements of the VOC Solvents Emissions Directive
  • You need a production facility in Germany, near the Benelux-countries or in Europe in order to be close to your customers so that you can quickly respond to their orders